Saturday, July 20

Importance of Cyber Security Behavior Management, an Interview with Founder Joushen Cybersecurity

Mohammed Al Mansoor – The founder of Joushen Cybersecurity, highlights the importance of Cyber Security Behavior Management in an exclusive internview with CyberCentric.

  1. What are the core business areas of Joushen & what is your vision?
    • Joushen for Information Technology and Telecommunications was established in 2018 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to build and transform Cybersecurity posture with focus on strengthening security practice by minimizing data breaches and respond effectively to threats.
    • Our vision is to become a reliable Cybersecurity Partner for medium to large organizations and raise society security maturity which is synchronized with Saudi 2030 Vision. Our mission is to provide complete managed Cybersecurity services that protect organizations and their valuable assets and raise society awareness about cyber security concerns.
  2. What is the meaning of Joushen?
    • Joushen is the name that originated from the Arabic language that means Armor, security, cybersecurity, and cyber resilience. We named the company Joushen because we intend to protect the digital boundaries of the organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. Why is Cyber Security Behavior Management at the core of Joushen’s business?
    • Organizations invest a lot of money in technology to protect their environment from cyber-attacks. With the rising cyber threats, it is proven that technology alone cannot guarantee a threat free environment. If technology was the only savior, then the leading organizations with the most advance technology controls for cyber would never be in the news for cyber security breach.
    • Hackers find it easy to target the end users through Social Engineering, Phishing & Spear Phishing. Hence it is imperative to aware and empower end users to thwart cyber attacks.
    • Cyber Security Behavior Management aims to develop a cyber secure culture within an organization where end users are not only aware of their responsibilities towards data protection but also play an active role in reporting any suspicious activity related to data breach.
  4. What services Joushen offers for Cyber Security Behavior Management?
    • Joushen has developed a comprehensive approach for Cyber Security Behavior Management & cultural change for an organization. We help our customers to develop an awareness program based on the following services.
      • Security Awareness Program Development
      • Customized Security Awareness Content Development
      • Security Awareness Workshops
      • Phishing Simulation Exercises
    • Joushen is partner with the leading cyber security awareness solution providers to automate the security awareness framework developed.
  5. Can you shed some light on your engagement methodology?
    • We at Joushen believe that a true integration of people, process & technology is mandatory for an organization to stay ahead of threats. Only technology or process is not enough, people are also a core part of the cyber security equitation and they need to be involved and empowered.
    • As a consulting driven organization, we engage with our customers to assess their current state of security awareness & phishing readiness. We do this by reviewing their current practices for security against the best practices from SANS or any other international standard. Once we know the baseline, we develop the awareness framework which includes the details about the content to be published to end users, what channels will be used, what is the frequency of content sharing, how the follow up is to be done, what are the KPI’ and how the results to be presented to the management.