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Cyber Security vendors provide cutting edge technologies that protect the digital boundaries of an organization. With innovations taking place every day and new features being introduced, vendors release white papers, case studies, competitive advantage datasheets on a regular basis


CyberCentric ensures that all such communication reaches the cyber security decision makers through our digital outreach program. With access to over 25,000 cyber security decision makers across Middle East & North Africa, we push this information through multiple channels including EDM’s & Social Media platforms.


If you are a Cyber Security Vendor that is trying to find its share in the increasingly competitive cyber security industry of Middle East & North Africa, we help you create the content, and take it to the cyber security buyers ultimately resulting in brand recognition.


For every cyber security solution segment, may it be SIEM, IPS, DNS Protection, Security Awareness, Network Security, the cyber security decision makers have more than 10 choices to evaluate, in some case more.

CyberCentric helps the vendors by developing content driven outreach campaigns that not only contribute towards brand visibility. We keep track of every prospect interaction, touchpoints,  and convert them into genuine leads.


Consumer buying patterns vary from region to region. Middle & North Africa is no exception. The decision to prefer a certain technology in any region is highly influenced by the regional threat landscape, any recent incidents, competitive advantage, budget availability, market recognition & ability of the solution to solve the problem.

CyberCentric conducts research across different cyber security solution segments to understand the buying patterns of the cyber security decision makers hence providing valuable insights to the vendors to align accordingly and develop a better Go To Market strategy.

Some of our recent studies include

      1. State of Phishing Readiness in Middle East & North Africa
      2. 10 Features that I want to see in my SIEM Solution – CISO thought process
      3. Top 10 Essential Controls for Cyber Defense
      4. State of Cyber Security in Middle East & North Africa 
      5. Need for Automated Phishing Incident Response


CyberCentric has a tailor-made program for Technology Vendors that are new to the Middle East & North Africa market. We connect them with the technology resellers across MENA region, develop technical content, datasheets, articles, interviews about the technology and pushes the content to the channel network & prospect buyers.


Vendor InFocus is an independent assessment of a vendor by CyberCentric. An independent analyst is assigned for the assignment that conducts the assessment based on a set of certain criteria. Vendor InFocus is released in the form of a report that covers the following

      1. Vendor’s Vision
      2. Understanding of the Problem
      3. How the vendor Solves the Problem
      4. Top 10 use case covered
      5. Service Delivery Approach
      6. Project Management Approach
      7. Previous References
      8. Strengths / Areas of Improvement

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