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SecureNet partners with Reposify – Leader in External Attack Surface Management

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 01 2021 – SecureNet, a leading cyber security value added distributor headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates today announced a distribution agreement with Reposify – the leading vendor of external attack surface management solutions. SecureNet will market Reposify’s platform to resellers throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Organizations’ networks continue to disperse across multiple environments, the supply chain and beyond the visible perimeter. This is further accelerated by digital transformation initiatives and the shift into remote work.

Thirty five percent of breaches in recent years were caused by unknown exposures and vulnerabilities that could have been avoided. While attackers are continuously scanning the internet for exposed assets to target, organizations rely on traditional risk assessment solutions built for known networks which leave major visibility gaps in their IT Ecosystem.

Reposify’s external attack surface management platform empowers organizations with unparalleled visibility and tools to discover, remediate and continuously monitor for critical exposures, misconfigurations and shadow IT risks across their extended IT ecosystems.

Reposify’s proporatery internet mapping technology combined with its big data and machine learning engines, generate an accurate and real-time digital footprint for every organization. A wide range of security risks are automatically detected and prioritized by the platform in order for security and IT teams to resolve more issues in less time.

Reposify is a subscription based SaaS platform and requires no installation or setup.

Melwin Dsouza, CEO, SecureNet commented that – “We are delighted to be part of the Reposify Distributor in the Middle east. We are confident we can bring great value to our partners and their customers with this agreement to support the building of next-generation Cybersecurity Intelligence for External surface attacks. Reposify will help customers to Understand the full extent of their external attack surface and discover a new approach to managing all internet-facing assets. We continuously strive to elevate our business with Reposify and look forward to future collaboration and success”.

“Complete and continuous visibility into an organization’s internet-facing assets and potential attack vectors is the new standard for any cyber security risk assessment. External attack surface management is the first line of defense as it allows security teams to regain control of their distributed perimeters and eliminate risks before attackers can exploit them” said Yaron Tal, Reposify’s CEO and founder.

About SecureNet

SecureNet is a Focused value-added distributor, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Catering to Enterprise and SME markets through a strong channel footprint across Middle East and Africa. SecureNet solutions span across technology domains such as networking, voice, storage, software, Cyber security, infrastructure and IOT supporting their Partners with Sales & Marketing, as well as Professional Services, such as Consulting, Training, Deployment and Technical Support, forms a key part of its Go-To-Market Strategy.

About Reposify

Reposify is the new way organizations manage and safeguard their External Attack Surfaces. Leading enterprises worldwide use Reposify today to gain unparalleled visibility of their internet-facing assets and actionable security insights for eliminating shadow IT risks in real time. Learn more at