Saturday, July 20

EfficientIP releases a free tool to help enterprises detect the risk of data exfiltration

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Use EfficientIP’s free tool to assess your enterprise’s risk of data exfiltration.

EfficientIP has launched a new DNS-based Data Exfiltration Application to help organizations identify potential vulnerabilities in their network security defenses that could lead to a data breach.

DNS attacks are a favorite method of cyber criminals, with 88% of organizations experiencing one or more attacks over 12 months. The application, which is supported by EfficientIP and its Channel Partner network, enables organisations to conduct their own ‘ethical hack’ on their DNS system and related security defenses.

This tool helps organisations identify potential weaknesses and gaps in their network, allowing them to implement appropriate measures to mitigate the risk of data exfiltration and meet compliance regulations.

“Data Exfiltration via DNS is one of the more complex and difficult attack vectors to identify, yet can cause significant harm to organisations. Hard to spot, even via the trained human eye, and with many of the traditional security solutions unable to detect exfiltration among the legitimate traffic and DNS requests, organisations can have fallen foul of a data breach for a long time before they even realise.” 

Norman Girard, CEO of EfficientIP

Norman Girard further adds that EfficientIP, along with its partner community, aims to empower organisations to test their networks and identify vulnerabilities, so they can prevent data theft from happening in the first place. Data breaches can be costly, resulting in regulatory fines, lost intellectual property, or a loss of customer trust. DNS need not be a blind spot, and effective monitoring is essential to safeguard sensitive data.

About EfficientIP: EfficientIP is a provider of network automation and security solutions, with a focus on DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI). Their mission is to assist organizations in all industries to enhance operational efficiency through agile, secure, and dependable infrastructure foundations. EfficientIP’s solutions simplify network management with comprehensive visibility and intelligent automation. In addition, their patented DNS technology protects against malware, secures access to applications, and optimizes application performance. Businesses worldwide rely on EfficientIP’s offerings to address the IT challenges of their digital transformation.