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5 reasons why having an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) is better than in-house Security?

Threats of cybersecurity are real and creating havoc where ever they find vulnerabilities. The last year broke all records of cyberattacks lurking around companies and succeeding most of the time. According to Purplesec, in COVID-19 cybercrime went up 600%. In such volatile times, companies are torn between wanting to have an appropriate cyber defence mechanism and not bleeding money because of it. This dilemma resurfaces every time companies have to decide whether to invest in an in-house security team or opt for Managed Security Service Provider services.

Managed Security Service Provider is a third-party arrangement that renders their expert services for various forms of cyber and network security creating an environment safe from cybercrime for your organization.

“As a member of the cybersecurity community for the past many years, it has been my first-hand experience that companies who opt for MSSP strive better in the market as opposed to the ones with in-house teams. Outsourcing these services enables organizations to focus better on growing the businesses and use their time productively for business opportunities while letting the experts handle the threats and appropriate defence to the experts.”

Mohammed AlHarsousi, Managing Director of CyberGate Defense

Here’s a breakdown of why MSSP is important and why choosing to go for MSSP is a better option for your company.


One of the main reasons why outsourcing MSSP services is a better option is that it is cost-effective. Having the necessary tools, equipment and expertise in-house collectively creates a big dent in your company wallet whereas with MSSP you only have to pay a certain fee for cyber-secure infrastructure that is already in place for various clients.
Paying the fee is closer to getting the higher end of the rope when you take into account the finances as paying upfront for technology investments is not a low number. This also prevents you from the additional hiring and employee cost which in itself is a time-consuming and laborious task. With the time saved from conducting interviews, hiring, choosing salaries with benefits and perks, holistically you end up saving a huge chunk of money.

Variation of tools:

A Managed Security Service provider will be equipped with a top-notch incident response centre and excellent tools to detect attacks before any harm is done. It is impossible to match the variation of security tools, advanced solutions to thwart attacks, and other external threat intelligence that an MSS provider entails.

Specialized Services:

Having an efficient MSSP ensures round-the-clock cyber-secure defences for your organization. With their expert opinion and valuable insights, you get a better understanding of the dangers of the cyber world and how to stay protected from them.
While an in-house team would have probably covered 3-4 areas of cybersecurity, an MSSP provides holistic services that take care of all possible cyber threats including detecting vulnerabilities in the system, proactively predicting incoming threats, responding timely, and quarantining reported emails.
Moreover, the maintenance, misconfigurations, and application bugs will all be catered to by your selected MSSP.

Easy Scalability:

What makes having MSSP worthwhile is also the fact that when your needs expand and change, you do not have to incur cost on updating processes and technology to fit your requirement but simply put up a request with your service provider to scale your cybersecurity defence strategies up a notch. With MSSP, you can go back and forth as per your requirements without having to worry about an increase in cost or any money going to waste in case of temporary scalability.

About CyberGate.

CyberGate is a leading local MSS Provider with +20 SOC deployments in the GCC. Locally we are managing a number of the largest entities in size, covering the security monitoring for +500K users and orchestrating security use-cases for over 3000 devices.

Our Managed security services can be classified into below categories:

  1. Managed Security Device Management services
  2. Managed SOC services (platform included)
  3. Managed detection and response services
  4. Vulnerability management services.


We have the best-in-class skilled security analysts who will be working for you 24x7x365 days to manage and mitigate the incidents. The team consists of experienced specialists in incident analysis, threat hunting, and forensics experts.

All the team is well equipped with the right set of tools, processes, and procedures to carry out the incident analysis. Every single Alert that is configured in the platform has a well-defined playbook/runbook in place to execute the incident analysis.

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